Unrooted cuttings

Unrooted Cuttings – often abbreviated to URC – are harvested from a mother plant, which is normally produced from high health status stock to ensure optimum quality and health.

Production of unrooted cuttings

URC can be harvested on a weekly basis and are produced in countries that have an especially advantageous climate for the variety concerned. For perennials, the ideal environment is cool with high light levels and neutral day length.  Walter Blom Plants BV works close together with Darwin Perennials who produce our Unrooted Cuttings in their ideally located facility in Colombia, South America.

Walter Blom Plants Colombia

Benfits of growing from Unrooted Cuttings

Low cost, high quality starting material that can be delivered on a weekly basis.

When to choose Unrooted Cuttings for your production

URC is an ideal choice for growers who have their own propagation facilities for rooting the URC into plugs and need larger quantities of a variety, delivered on a regular basis.  Walter Blom Plants BV can produce unrooted cuttings on contract for you. Contact us for further details.

Ordering timeline

Varieties in our standard production program can be supplied from stock. Orders placed by Tuesday will be delivered the following week. For customer programs, we recommend placing your order at least 6 months ahead to ensure sufficient stock to meet your requirements.

Walter Blom Plants Colombia

Clean stock maintenance

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