Sedum Steel the Show®

Sedum is a genus that tends to be overlooked throughout the summer but comes into laser sharp focus in late summer to early fall. Steel the Show is the perfect groundcover to add to any sunny garden. In our trials, this stood out as one of the most silvery leafed with its bright, blue green foliage. The tiny leaves give an airy look to the plant, and will combine well with broad textured plants. It’s one of the latest to bloom among Sedum, so you can extend the appeal of your garden with its rich, rosy pink flowers.

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Sedum (Stone Crops)

These late summer and Autumn flowering succulents make attractive container and garden plants. The foliage is in itself attractive with varying colours and shapes of leaf and the long lasting flowers range in shades of white through cream into pinks, reds and purples.

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Attracts Butterflies

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