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Salvia Fashionista™ Sweet Petite®

Common Name: Perennial Salvia, Garden Sage
The word Fashionista is often used to describe someone who is constantly on the cutting edge of beauty, representing current fashion trends. Likewise, this new collection of Perennial Salvia from Walters Gardens, Inc. hybridizing represents the cutting edge of perennial fashion, with big, bold blooms in an array of chic and stylish colours. All the varieties in this collection are Salvia pratensis hybrids, so you know you can expect excellent garden performance.
This compact Salvia is absolutely packed with large, lavender pink flowers with near red, dark rose buds.


Salvia (Sage)

Family :   Lamiaceae

Salvia is the largest genus of plants in the Mint family. It has a wide range of flower colours with many colours and textures of foliage as well as differing plant habits making it one of the most interesting groups in the Garden. All varieties are excellent as container plants as well as making long flowering border perennials

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