Salvia Color Spires® Crystal Blue®

Salvia is a staple item for every sunny garden. It asks little more than sunshine and a little drink every once in a while, in return for producing a bountiful mass of colourful flower spires from late spring into early summer. It forms a dense, rounded clump of aromatic, rugose grey-green foliage that looks nice all season long and is not enjoyed by rabbits or deer.

Crystal Blue’ Salvia is the first of its kind—an incredibly unique light sky blue (most perennial Salvias are darker purple), a cool shade perfectly fitting for a perennial that blooms relatively early in the season.

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Salvia (Sage)

Family :   Lamiaceae

Salvia is the largest genus of plants in the Mint family. It has a wide range of flower colours with many colours and textures of foliage as well as differing plant habits making it one of the most interesting groups in the Garden. All varieties are excellent as container plants as well as making long flowering border perennials

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