Phlox Bedazzled Lavender®

Common Name: Hybrid Spring Phlox
It’s easy to see how this series got its name when they explode into bloom come mid spring. Like a party for your garden, the Bedazzled series members produced star-shaped, notched flowers that cover a rounded, spreading habit. These bloom a few days or a week before Phlox subulata, depending on the weather. These will soon become some of your spring favourites for your garden. These will be moderate grower’s year one in the garden but will become a groundcover with age.
Lavender flowers with lighter halo centres and a dark purple, star-shaped eye.

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Family: Polemoniaceae

One of the stars of the summer border in full sun or light shade. Phlox need fertile, moist soil. The large colourful flower heads are borne on plants from 40-90 cm tall, so can fill most positions in the garden.

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Attracts Butterflies

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