Nepeta faassenii Kitten Around®

The popular Purrsian Blue changed the way we thought of catmint by giving a solid performance in a cute little package. If that wasn’t small enough for you, you’ll love Kitten Around! Even more compact and petite than its predecessor, this plant forms a tight, round mound of aromatic foliage. Bright rosy purple calyxes hold periwinkle blue flowers. The perfect size for containers, edging the sunny border or filling in small spaces in the garden.
When Nepeta’s stems are broken, they release an aroma into the air that tends to attract cats, thus its common name, Catmint.

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Nepeta (Catmint or Catnip)

Family : Lamiaceae

Mounds of often aromatic foliage that produce continuous flower spikes throughout the late spring and summer make these long flowering perennials excellent value in the garden. Easy to grow in containers they can be batch planted to give crops over a long period.

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Attracts Butterflies

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