Leucanthemum superbum Cream Puff®

Common Name: Shasta Daisy
This Shasta Daisy has the best of both worlds: lemon yellow buds that open to cream flowers and a tight, compact habit. The large, 3-4″ flowers have two rows of wide, overlapping petals. The top layer of petals curves upward at a 45-degree angle from the bottom layer of petals, creating a more formal look. Flowers completely cover the dome-shaped habit of dark green foliage. This beauty will bloom for many weeks starting in early summer, and deadheading will encourage rebloom. As a bonus for growers, ‘Cream Puff’ does not require vernalization to bloom. We have observed rebloom late summer through fall with deadheading. Perfect for containers or near the front of the border.

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Leucanthemum (Ox Eye Daisy)

Family : Asteraceae

Excellent Summer flowering border perennials, for positions in full sun or half shade, in containers or in the border. The white or creamy yellow flowers can be single, semi double or fully double in various forms. Borne in profusion through June to early August.

While most varieties need a vernalisation period to flower well, Freak! , bred by Har Stemkens from Syngenta, will flower approximately 10 weeks after planting.

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