A Plug is a rooted young plant in a 3.5cm cell, supplied in trays of 104 cells. We offer well-established Plugs for all our URCs varieties plus many more.

Production of plug plants

Walter Bloms Plants Plugs are grown from Unrooted Cuttings planted in peat based compost. The plants are kept in a warm, high humidity area while new roots start to form, after which they are transferred through various cooler temperature regimes that allow the plant to develop a good root system.

Benefits of growing from Plugs

Plugs are a uniform, ready-to-pot product that give rapid, even growth.

When to choose Plugs for your production

3.5cm Plugs are the ideal starting product for growers who want to plant straight into 9cm to 2 litre pots. For pot sizes above 2 litres, we recommend using Jumbo Plugs or Bare Roots, as 3.5cm Plugs will take a long time to fill larger containers.

Ordering timeline

Herbaceous perennial Plugs can normally be delivered from early March until August, depending on the variety and your final goal. For early spring delivery of Vernalised Plugs, we need your order by July the previous year. Unvernalised Plugs can be delivered 8 to 10 weeks after ordering, although longer lead times are advised.

28 cell

Plug, tray and dimensions are dia = 7 cm x 7,3 cm deep

84 cell

Plug, tray and dimensions are dia = 3,7 cm x 5 cm deep

104 cell

Plug, tray and dimensions are dia = 3,7 x 5 cm deep