Fruiting occurs from June to October depending on the variety. In winter, the leaves as well as the bark of the young branches turn glowing shades of yellows & reds.

Blueberries are excellent plants for the home gardener, providing not only delicious fruit, but plants that have outstanding ornamental value as well. Blueberries are easy to grow, require little care and are seldom bothered by pests.
Plant blueberries in an area that receives full sun in a well drained, acidic soil that is high in organic matter. Dig a hole approximately 1 foot deeper than the root ball. Mix compost or peat moss into the soil. Blueberries are shallow rooted so they need to be well watered to avoid heat stress and to produce the best fruit.
In March apply a light application of fertilizer to promote new leaf growth. Fertilize again in May or June with a Fruit Tree and Berry Food to promote fruit development in the summer.

Plant the bush so the crown of the plant remains just above the soil. Water them well using a transplanting solution.