Jumbo plugs

As the name suggests, Jumbo Plugs are larger versions of regular Plugs. Available in 7cm or 9cm size cells, Jumbo Plugs are a convenient way to obtain young growing plants with better developed root systems.

Production of Jumbo Plugs

Walter Blom Plants Jumbo Plugs are produced from cuttings, tissue culture material or from small field grown divisions, depending on which is best for each variety. The material is planted into 7cm or 9cm cells in trays of 24 or 18, and grown on to allow the plants and root systems to develop.

Benefits of growing from Jumbo Plugs

Jumbo Plugs are a uniform, ready-to-pot product that give rapid, even growth, suitable for larger pot sizes.

When to choose Jumbo Plugs for your production

Jumbo Plugs are the best option for growers requiring high quality, uniform starting material for pot sizes above 2 litres, or for quick turnaround of crops planted later in the spring. For example, pot overwintered 9cm plugs of our ‘Pretty Lady’ Anemone series can be planted in March for flowering 5 litres pots in July the same year.

Jumbo Plugs are great for minimising the amount of time a crop needs in your nursery. However, this means they need more time in ours, so it’s essential to order allowing sufficient time for us to produce these.

Ordering timeline

Vernalised Jumbo Plugs need to be ordered by week 32 for delivery in week 8 of the following spring. Unvernalised Jumbo Plugs need to be ordered at least 16 weeks prior to required delivery date.