Astilbe Razzle Dazzle – my personal favourite among the many new Astilbes at present, the foliage is attractive and clean, the flower are broad plumes of rosy purple with a great contrast of colours and the Astilbe chinensis background in the breeding makes it a strong variety in the garden.

Polemonium Golden Feathers – love it or loath it, this Polemonium has a stunning contrast with gold and green foliage almost year round and soft lavender mauve flowers from early spring onwards. Easy to grow and always looks good.

Thalictrum My Little Favourite – early spring brings the blue grey foliage closely followed by clouds of pinky purple flowers, great early season colour, compact growth on a very hardy plant.


Iris Cayeux series of Iris germanica produced using tissue culture to ensure high health status and vigorous growth, plants will produce multiple flower stems with 10 to 12 flowers per stem creating a fantastic display of colour. Suitable for 3 litre pots or larger for flowering specimens

Rudbeckia Enchanted – series of Rudbeckia hirta bred by T&M in the UK are long day flowering varieties suitable for 3 litre to 5 litre pots. Potting from week 12 to week 30 for sales from week 24 to week 36. Great colours with semi double to double flowers.

Salvia Bumble – compact Salvia nemorosa breeding from Hans Hansen at Walters Gardens, four great colours grow strongly making compact pots full of colour, easy to pot in succession to allow sales to be spread over a longer period.



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